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We have complete and detailed on-line help system giving info information about how to implement and use the system. Apart from this we have an online support by Telephone, E-mail, Fax, Internet and on-site.

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• 99 Branches can operate
• 99 x 99 Ware Houses
• 99 Main Accounts
• 9999 Sub Accounts


Question and answer

If your company is going to grow and prosper, you must have certain tools to assist you. One of the tools is information. Here we are..

Why MySQL ?

The MySQL® database has become the world's most popular open source database because of its consistent fast performance, high reliability and ease of use. It's used in more than 10 million installations ranging from large corporations to specialized embedded applications on every continent in the world. (Yes, even Antarctica!)

Product Capabilities

Branch Accounting - An Easy Way

FALCON Accounting is fully integrated business software designed to meet the business requirements of enterprise, medium and small business companies. It is a sophisticated system which generates a variety of reports designed to give the management an effective control on finance and business activities in particular.

FALCON Accounting provides software solutions to any kind of business which takes very less amount of time to provide information which help them to devote more time for his business. In a very short span of time, FALCON Accounting Software having ample clients due to excellent after-sales-service and consultancy by qualified personnel.

However, great strength of our software is its ability to handle multi-branch reporting. It is one of the few systems that allow you to post transactions to multiple branches and handle inter-branch transactions in a single step. Integration between modules along with accounting controls is excellent. Take your company to the next level with the FALCON Accounting Suite.

We not only sell the software but also implement and train your staff to attain perfection on the usage of our Software.

Flexible Configuration.

The only constant in business is change, and with this in mind, your accounting system needs to be both flexible and adaptable. FALCON Accounting has been designed for a broad range of industries and business types and provides many tools to allow you to tune the system to your changing needs.

Reliable Technology

Database reliability is a vital issue for businesses today, with the need to minimize the risk of data loss being key. FALCON Accounting has been built in using MySQL* as back-end, the world's largest open-source database that provides  security and easy to maintain. Of-course, as an un-limited user (under GPL), It will cut down the  lion part of cost of ownership.

Internet Enabled

FALCON Accounting is enabled for Internet deployment, out of the box, using its thin client technology. This allows remote offices or traveling executives to obtain secure access to the complete functionality of FALCON Accounting via an Internet Service Provider.

On-line Operation

Transactions entered into FALCON Accounting update all relevant modules at the time the source transaction is created, ensuring you have access to the latest information throughout the system.

Implementation an easy way

Implementing any new business information system is always going to be a challenge but going live on time and on budget, with the minimum of stress, can be made easier by using FALCON Accounting.

Powerful Enquiries

Front-line staff within your organization requires quick and easy access to key information in your system, if they are to respond accurately to customer, supplier or internal enquiries. FALCON Accounting provides on-line enquiries throughout the system that can be easily customized by each operator to display the information they need in a logical and readable sequence.

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To find out more about FALCON Accounting check out  the Product link.

Major Highlights


• Multi-Branch
• Multi-Location
• Multi-Unit
• Multi-User
• High Level of Security
• More than 300 reports (by different combinations)
• Very efficient drilling facility
• Memorize transactions will provide easy data entry
• Work with Keyboard only or with mouse
• E-Mail enabled
• User friendly
• Shortcut Keys
• Context sensitive help
• Product updates through web
• Pure 32 Bit application environment
• Total customizable report can convert to PDF and Excel
• Additional modules connectivity
• No hidden expenses
• No user restrictions
• High user friendly software with lot of goodies
• Higher level of customizations
• Extensive security options
• Cheque printing option
• All pre-printed forms can customized or can create easily
• Forms can access through pull down, tree based, tool bars, combo, function keys or menu Id
• Postdated cheque module can post maturity days, return, discounted and postpone options are provided
• Cheque dishonor facility to track credit level controls
• Management can block any customer , It will effect enterprise no time
• User-wise document alert option. eg: Driving license, trade license renewal etc.
• Automatic popup screens
• Detailed table-wise query option
• Account lookup with drilling
• Product lookup with drilling
• Ageing report days-wise ,month wise or user specified option
• Buyer and seller are same and can integrated with single statement
• The operational side of all the forms, key combination and working style are uniform
• Online help provided for FAQ, accounts help, short cut keys, entry concepts etc.
• Reports can preview, print , draft print, E-mail, fax, and Excel option
• Date can lock by month-wise, day-wise, current days and can skip extra days
• Can run more than 12 month without closing
• Unlimited year can keep data for your reference
• System access logs for easy system audit
• Unlimited extra notes can attach in all the data entry forms
• User-ID, entry date/time, ledger entry information in single click
• Tasks/appointments/reminders
• Cost Sheet, product movements, previous selling price will appear in the invoice with a single click
• Navigation buttons in all forms
• Product Enquiry forms itself shows product movements, previous selling price, purchase price, back order, un-invoiced delivery note etc.
• Accounts Enquiry itself show customer statements, aging, sales history, P.D.cheques, dishonor cheques, sales orders, pending delivery notes etc.
• Product picture can attach
• Same product code and different brand can add (for duplicate product)
• Replacement / Substitute/ Alternate product options
• Product description/bin/selling price can edit online
• Product enquiry built with customer and supplier quote
• In all inventory forms link with different type of drilling facility More..